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My name is Elle and I am a writer. I like to paint dirty pictures using dirty words. I dabble in the world of erotica and I am always looking for new ways to tell a story.

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It's hard to believe that we are only a few days away from a brand new year!  What have I done in the past 52 weeks?  Well, for starters I joined Doccler and starting telling you all about me and my writing, I'm very proud of that.  Also I have started work on my second book, participated and won NaNoWriMo, written 100's of thousands of words of Fan Fiction, created Pinterest boards to help focus, inspire, cultivate and expand my writing.  I have have made new writer friends on Facebook as well as Twitter and I've even entered a few writing competitions.  All in all, I'd say 2014 was a great year for me!!  

Now I have to think about some goals for 2015, no resting on my laurels.  One of the things I learned while participating in NaNo this year, it is important - NO Vital - to write everyday!  To take the time to sit and pen something, make it a habit - make it an appointment in your daily calendar.  1,666 words a day (as is needed to write a novel in 1 month) might be a bit aggressive, but 500 words is manageable.  That is about 1 page of text in MSword.  I've had a bit of writers block this past week or so (Actually I can't get through this sex seen in a Boondocks Saints story I'm working on, poor Murphy must be frustrated with me.)  So I really need to get back to writing ev-ery-day!! Push through the blocks, focus on the art and get my stories out there.

Other thoughts for 2015.  Well, I need to finish writing and edit "Kindred".  What will become my second book.  It has been a bit out of my wheelhouse as it is a period piece, but the concept is good and the smut is excellent.  So I just need to focus and dedicate myself to that.  I also want to keep writing my Holly and Norman saga in Fan Fic.  I love that plot line to much to give up on it.  They have so many more adventures to share!!

I also need to learn how to self promote my work better, that is the hardest part about being self published.  It's nice to be notified when someone buys my book, Logan's Muse.  I'd like to see MORE of those notifications in my email box.  

Oohhh, yes... more writing competitions - it really hones the writing skills and winning some cash is always nice.  

I would also venture to guess that there will be a few more writer's get-aways for me.  If you know of any nice B&B's in 50 or so miles of Hartford where I can lock myself in and write undistracted, I'd love to hear about them.  

So here is to all you writers out there, wishing you a great year of writing.  And to all of my readers out there, THANK YOU for a year of support and encouragement.  I couldn't do it without you.


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LieslV December 29, 2014 01:12PM

Congrats on all your achievents this year, and thank you for all the amazing stories you've gifted us with, especially your Special Touch series. I am in love with that series and I am looking forward to more of it, glad you are continuing with it. You are an amazing writer! Maybe some Daryl/OC in your amazing writing style in the new year? :)

mrsreedus69 December 29, 2014 02:12PM

Sounds like you're on the bullet train to Osaka baby!

ElleGardner December 29, 2014 05:12PM

Thanks for the kind words LiesIV, I'm happy that you have been enjoying their story. I have written a Daryl OC - "Insatiable" is all about Daryl and Cassie and their adventure together. I'll have to think about another for 2015.