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My name is Elle and I am a writer. I like to paint dirty pictures using dirty words. I dabble in the world of erotica and I am always looking for new ways to tell a story.

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March sure is rolling in like a lion here in New England.  We capped February as the coldest in history here and started the new month with more snow.  I gotta say, it's all getting a bit old.  But I thought if March could roll in like a lion, so could I.

As you know, I had set a plan to write a series of very short (1,500 words) stories based on the 7 deadly sins.  I wanted to use the month of February to write them all and start posting them March 1st.  Well, I didn't get them all written as I suck at time management.


As the plan is to post an installment every few days, I still have time to write the last two needed (Pride and Lust) which are already outlined, just need to be penned.

So I did post the first one - Sloth, who knew sloth could be sexual, leave it up to me.  If you'd care to read these short little stories, here you go!  Seven Deadly Sins

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