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My name is Elle and I am a writer. I like to paint dirty pictures using dirty words. I dabble in the world of erotica and I am always looking for new ways to tell a story.

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Yes, yes… here I am. I am still around, still writing. It has been ANOTHER few weeks of writers block and I am blaming it on the weather.  Here in CT it has been cold and snowy for the past few weeks and the weather-people have been making every storm seem like Snow-pocalypse, so between the actual weather and the drama on TV, it's all getting to me.  BUT... as with all cases of writers block I have pushed through.  Just posted a new install on my Holly/Norman saga and now I am back here on Doccler to tell you all about a new series I am starting.

I have decided to work on something new, well sort of… It is still a Walking Dead writing project (as most of my work is, I know – I really should branch out to new endeavors). It is a little something I am going to call “Seven Deadly Sins”. I am going to write 7 short stories – I mean really short. They will each be no longer than 1,500 words long. I want to try and accomplish a few things….

  • Be able to tell a good story in a short space.
  • Exemplify the topic of each story in that space.
  • Use a variety of characters through the series, and...
  • Sprinkle smut into every ‘sin’.

Why?  Well... first, I haven't seen anything like this in fan fic, I surfed around the web and couldn't find any.  (I'm sure it's out there, I just couldn't find it.)  Second, we are human and we all fall into sin.  No.... I'm not getting all biblical or philosophical here, just saying, many of us do this stuff.  Third, I think each and every 'deadly' sin can have smut weaved into it, not just lust.  


I want to write them all before I post the series.  I have two of them completed so far.... Sloth and Greed.  I have outlines for all of them ready to go and over the next few weeks I am going to have them all finished.  

Hey wait... let me give myself a dead line.  I will write and start posting them by the end of this short month.  So by Feb 28th, you will see the first story posted (I'm gonna post one every few days just to keep it interesting). 

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MoniqueLamy07 February 02, 2015 12:02PM

One thing I struggle with SO BAD is short stories. I don't know. I just can't! Lol, maybe I should try write a short story about the man who's penis got frostbite :P :'D

LieslV February 02, 2015 12:02PM

Can't wait!

mrsreedus69 February 02, 2015 01:02PM

Looking forward to this-sounds intriguing!

winda February 02, 2015 01:02PM

Always reinventing and expanding your style, very admirable.