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My name is Elle and I am a writer. I like to paint dirty pictures using dirty words. I dabble in the world of erotica and I am always looking for new ways to tell a story.

Let the Sinning Begin!!

March 02, 2015 12:03PM, 0 comments

March sure is rolling in like a lion here in New England.  We capped February as the coldest in history here and started the new month with more snow.  I gotta say, it's all getting a bit old.  But I thought if March could roll in like a lion, so could I.

As you know, I had set a plan to write a series of very short (1,500 words) stories based on the 7 deadly sins.  I wanted to use the month of February to write them all and start posting them March 1st.  Well, I didn't get them all written as I suck at time management.


As the plan is to post an installment every few days, I still have time to write the last two needed (Pride and Lust) which are already outlined, just need to be penned.

So I did post the first one - Sloth, who knew sloth could be sexual, leave it up to me.  If you'd care to read these short little stories, here you go!  Seven Deadly Sins

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Still Sinning & Stuff

February 23, 2015 11:02AM, 0 comments

Just an update folks.  I am still working on my Walking Dead "Seven Deadly Sins" series.  With only 5 days left in the month I am not sure I am going to make my self imposed dead line. 

Where am I in the process?  Well Gluttony, Greed and Sloth are done.  Envy has been started and I have outlines for Lust, Pride and Wrath.  But I did want to have these all written and ready for publishing starting on March 1st.  Hmmmm. 

So what's the damn hold up?  I dove pretty heavily into re-branding (that might not be the right term) my book Logan's Muse.  Though I love my first edition of it, there were typo's and a few things that needed fixing.  That is done, I have had it formatted for digital purchase and I have had a person write me a new blurb for the back / amazon page.  I used a cool site called Fiverr - you find the service you'd like (In this case, "Book blurb", and you pay someone $5 to perform said service.) Next up - I need a formatter for the print edition and then I need to find a cover artist.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my original cover, but I don't think it represents the sexiness of the book.


So... I am working on wrapping up Envy today and at 1,500 a piece I could still make this Sin series happen on time, but I wont freak out if it doesn't.  So that is the update and I'll let you know how it all comes out. 

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7 Deadly Sins

February 02, 2015 12:02PM, 4 comments

Yes, yes… here I am. I am still around, still writing. It has been ANOTHER few weeks of writers block and I am blaming it on the weather.  Here in CT it has been cold and snowy for the past few weeks and the weather-people have been making every storm seem like Snow-pocalypse, so between the actual weather and the drama on TV, it's all getting to me.  BUT... as with all cases of writers block I have pushed through.  Just posted a new install on my Holly/Norman saga and now I am back here on Doccler to tell you all about a new series I am starting.

I have decided to work on something new, well sort of… It is still a Walking Dead writing project (as most of my work is, I know – I really should branch out to new endeavors). It is a little something I am going to call “Seven Deadly Sins”. I am going to write 7 short stories – I mean really short. They will each be no longer than 1,500 words long. I want to try and accomplish a few things….

  • Be able to tell a good story in a short space.
  • Exemplify the topic of each story in that space.
  • Use a variety of characters through the series, and...
  • Sprinkle smut into every ‘sin’.

Why?  Well... first, I haven't seen anything like this in fan fic, I surfed around the web and couldn't find any.  (I'm sure it's out there, I just couldn't find it.)  Second, we are human and we all fall into sin.  No.... I'm not getting all biblical or philosophical here, just saying, many of us do this stuff.  Third, I think each and every 'deadly' sin can have smut weaved into it, not just lust.  


I want to write them all before I post the series.  I have two of them completed so far.... Sloth and Greed.  I have outlines for all of them ready to go and over the next few weeks I am going to have them all finished.  

Hey wait... let me give myself a dead line.  I will write and start posting them by the end of this short month.  So by Feb 28th, you will see the first story posted (I'm gonna post one every few days just to keep it interesting). 

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Writing in 2015

December 29, 2014 12:12PM, 3 comments

It's hard to believe that we are only a few days away from a brand new year!  What have I done in the past 52 weeks?  Well, for starters I joined Doccler and starting telling you all about me and my writing, I'm very proud of that.  Also I have started work on my second book, participated and won NaNoWriMo, written 100's of thousands of words of Fan Fiction, created Pinterest boards to help focus, inspire, cultivate and expand my writing.  I have have made new writer friends on Facebook as well as Twitter and I've even entered a few writing competitions.  All in all, I'd say 2014 was a great year for me!!  

Now I have to think about some goals for 2015, no resting on my laurels.  One of the things I learned while participating in NaNo this year, it is important - NO Vital - to write everyday!  To take the time to sit and pen something, make it a habit - make it an appointment in your daily calendar.  1,666 words a day (as is needed to write a novel in 1 month) might be a bit aggressive, but 500 words is manageable.  That is about 1 page of text in MSword.  I've had a bit of writers block this past week or so (Actually I can't get through this sex seen in a Boondocks Saints story I'm working on, poor Murphy must be frustrated with me.)  So I really need to get back to writing ev-ery-day!! Push through the blocks, focus on the art and get my stories out there.

Other thoughts for 2015.  Well, I need to finish writing and edit "Kindred".  What will become my second book.  It has been a bit out of my wheelhouse as it is a period piece, but the concept is good and the smut is excellent.  So I just need to focus and dedicate myself to that.  I also want to keep writing my Holly and Norman saga in Fan Fic.  I love that plot line to much to give up on it.  They have so many more adventures to share!!

I also need to learn how to self promote my work better, that is the hardest part about being self published.  It's nice to be notified when someone buys my book, Logan's Muse.  I'd like to see MORE of those notifications in my email box.  

Oohhh, yes... more writing competitions - it really hones the writing skills and winning some cash is always nice.  

I would also venture to guess that there will be a few more writer's get-aways for me.  If you know of any nice B&B's in 50 or so miles of Hartford where I can lock myself in and write undistracted, I'd love to hear about them.  

So here is to all you writers out there, wishing you a great year of writing.  And to all of my readers out there, THANK YOU for a year of support and encouragement.  I couldn't do it without you.


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I'm a loser

December 20, 2014 04:12PM, 3 comments

.... and I'm okay with that!  Back in September I submitted a short story to a Canadian magazine writing competition. I told you a bit about it then, and the results came in today! I did not make it into the top 6 - which will then be voted on by the audience on Facebook (not my voting method of choice) - but that's just fine. unnamed.jpg

But, it did give me an opportunity to try my hand at brevity, something I do not excel in.  That has actually been a motivator in my desire to submit to these competitions.  I find this to be a great exercise in writing that I desperately need.  I can be a bit wordy a times.  One of the stipulations of the contest was that I couldn't submit anything that had been previously printed, posted or public - till the fate of the competition had been determined.  Well, now that the results are in, I am able to share my story with you folks, so that I shall do now.

Sensual Beauty

Painter. Sculptor. Photographer. He was a true artist as far as he was concerned. He had an eye for the unusual, things other people didn’t see as attractive, he saw the deeper beauty. Seductive even. Sometimes he wished he saw things with a more conventional eye but he had gotten accustomed to the fact that his brain spun everything into a sexual and sensual manner.

Most days he would step back from his work, eyes half closed, broad shoulders holding him straight, a burning cigarette between his lips as he evaluated, almost too harshly the creation that had poured from his soul and became art. Pacing in front of his sculpture, dragging the cigarette from his mouth, and holding it between his thumb and forefinger as the paper burned and the smoke lazed around his hand. The rich tobacco was a part of the formation process for him, he wasn’t sure he could ever create without it. Especially that first morning drag that made him a little high.

He would judge his work. It was the same self-judgment when he painted. He could sit on the floor staring for hours, deciding what needed to be tweaked, moving to improve things but instead lighting another smoke as to not overwork the art.

He knew the real reason he had taken up photography. There was a simple honesty in the lens. He could see a moment of beauty and capture it. The weight of the camera, the moment coming to a crescendo as he activated the shutter and then the emotion was captured. There was no going back, evaluating or judging himself. It felt pure to him and he needed that.

Tonight had been no different. He had met these unconventional beauties on Front St, just a few hours ago, not far from the TTC station where he stopped to smoke and people watch. Not your typical models, but that’s what drew him in. They sipped on cheap wine, smoked half his pack of Parliament lights and over the hours, had begun to get naked. Funny thing was, that had never been his intention with this shoot. He’d seen them as average locals with a quirky fashion sense. Who was he to tell them that they needed to keep their clothes on if they felt inspired to strip? He snapped photos on occasion, particularly when they had forgotten the camera was around.

The brunette leaned into the red-head first, their lips touching tentatively, though he was certain this wasn’t a first for either of them. Fingers tangled in hair, clambering at buttons, mouths on skin, flesh blushed by new experiences and soft moans that filled the air. He had captured what he could.

Now he simply sat in his over sized arm chair, smoke billowing around him has he watched them make love. No camera could capture this sensual beauty.

“Come here.” Her voice was needy.

He nodded, took one long, satisfying drag off his cigarette then walked to the mattress.

*     *    *    *

I would venture to guess that I didn't hit the mark on what they were looking for in terms of tobacco usage in the story and I can appreciate that for a tobacco magazine.  This would be why I am not upset or surprised that I didn't place in this competition.  But I did stay true to my voice of writing as well as allowing Muse to do his thing.

I hope YOU enjoyed my short story and as I compete more I will continue to share the results with you folks.

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The journey of a thousand miles...

November 30, 2014 06:11PM, 0 comments

They say that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, well writing a novel is the same thing.  When October started and I had decided I was going to participate in NaNoWriMo, all I had was a fleeting idea and a blank page on the computer.  Over that month I sketched out ideas, came up with a plot outline and was pretty set to begin on November 1st. 

A blank page can be as promising as it is scary.  Even when you have a plan, there is hesitation to putting your fingers to the keys.  There are a myriad of examples of bad 1st lines for novels out there, you never want to make that list.  Or try and come up with something that can compare to some of the best opening lines of novels ever written, good luck with that.  But once you put something down on the page, it gets a bit easier.  You have taken that first step.

As you know, I began work on my next novel, currently titled Kindred, but I don't expect that title to last, this past month.  I challenged myself to get 50,000 words down on paper by the end of November.  And I did it!!  It wasn't always easy to sit at the computer and put SOMETHING down every day, but I knew if I made a habit of doing it, it could only serve to help me reach my goal and really get this new book up and going.  I am easily distracted by the instant feedback and gratification of my Fan Fiction writing, but I put it on hold (for the most part) this month.  

So what happened during NaNo-November?  Well, I worked my usual 55 hours a week (though I do have some time in there to write), I got up early many days to write at sunrise or I stayed up late to try and pen some more.  I learned I write best at 7am or 10pm (don't ask me why). I took two trips to the home that inspired my story, the Mark Twain house.  I still found time to visit with friends and even took an evening to paint a picture with the girls *see painting below*.  Thanksgiving mixed into this month, which also included a very large company pot luck event on top of family time and then there was my usual monthly obligations such as the hairdresser, massages, and faith group gatherings.  It was a very busy month which makes me even more proud that I was able to finish the 50K words on time.

This is the painting I did - A nod to Logan's Muse

(This is the painting a did, a nod to my first book Logan's Muse.)

So what is next on this literary journey?? Well for starters, I need to go in and finish writing Kindred.  At 50K words, the story is not complete.  I would say there is about 15,000 more to go.  And then I need to edit.  Not just spelling or grammar, but the reality of it is, I may have bitten off more than I can chew.  A period piece that needs some more research, a famous house to highlight as well as the city it is set in.  Add to that a sexy love story with my usual brand of smut mixed it.  I am not sure how it will all come together but it will.  I have a lot of work to do on this story, but it is a great one.  For now, I may escape back into some Fan Fiction for a few days, take a break from Sadie and Marc.  

I want to thank you all for your on going support of this story, this writing initiative and all of my work.  I really does help keep me going when the muse is absent and the ambition is low.

Here's a smutty excerpt from Kindred if you're interested.  All NSFW (not safe for work!!) writing going on here, you've been warned.

I had never felt anything like it, he started with kisses, gently on my body, inside my thigh, kisses that were sweet. I closed my eyes, I couldn’t look at him. I didn’t know what to do with my hands so I laid them on the couch. His kisses switched from thigh to thigh and worked higher up my leg till there was nowhere else to kiss but my center. He used his fingers to touch there first, not sliding inside me the way he had before but simply opening me up. I held my breath as his ghosted over me and then I felt the wet of his tongue touch me. My hips rose up from the couch and I heard him chuckle.

“Please tell me that felt good.” He let me come back down and then his fingers were back to my body spreading me open again. I didn’t answer, I didn’t know what to say. His tongue had startled me but there was no doubt, in a good way. Marc licked again, slower this time, he slid his tongue inside of me and began to work it in and out. I tried not to jump this time but my hips had a mind of their own, rising up slowly then back down. He kept pace with me and a one point his moved his mouth up just a bit and began to suck on the tiny nub above as his fingers worked inside.

My fingers gripped at the edge of the couch and when I finally had the courage to look down to him, his eyes were closed and he had a look of contentment on his face. He had one arm wrapped around my leg holding me in place which was good, because my body was beginning to tingle all over and I wanted to thrash around. I hadn’t realized that I was moaning till he finally looked up at me, “Sssshhhh Sadie, don’t wake the house.” He was smiling and we looked at each other as his fingers continued to rock inside of me. I opened my mouth and forced the moaning to become shallow breathing instead. “Good girl.” He was suddenly back to sucking at my nub and my hand slapped down on his bicep, covering his tattoo that I had been looking at.

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Meandering My Way

November 22, 2014 02:11PM, 4 comments

3 weeks down, 1 week to go.  As you know I am writing like a fiend and I've been enjoying it.  Though, check out my latest confession.wordcount.jpg

I am so excited to 'win' this year.  But I'm not sure if my story is working in the right direction.  I am writing a period piece but with an erotic flair, or at least this is my plan for the book.  A tale set in 1880's Hartford CT but steamy and not all 'fade to black' with the sex scenes. 

So more like this....bd79b61480baa0acdb1560cba8e62e62.jpg

Plus this...


Gives you this....

I do question if I can pull it off.  Can I write a sweet romantic, yet unconventional, period story and still give it the red-hot spin that is uniquely me and my style.  So here I am procrastinating.  How, you ask?  Well, first it was reading forms on the NaNoWriMo and seeing how my buddies are doing.  Then it was off to the rabbit hole known as Pinterest to find the pictures I used above.  A visit to Twitter so I could post and see how others are coming along. Oh yeah... and I wrote this blog.  Okay, so, I should get back to work but let me leave you with a little excerpt...

“Did I do something wrong?” Her voice was small again and she looked over her shoulder to make sure we were completely alone.

My hand held lightly over hers as I just shook my head and showed her how to stroke me. There was still enough light for us to see and the moon was rising with plenty of fullness, we wouldn’t be in complete darkness. “Everything is very right Sadie.” I tried to reassure her but I don’t think she heard me as she looked down between us and became fixated on the stroking. After a while I let go of her hand and she continued on her own. I needed distraction or else this would end quickly but her angel soft hand was almost too perfect, I couldn’t seem to focus on anything but her touch. “Just that way.” This time my voice didn’t distract her, then again, encouraging her seemed almost dangerous. “Come here.” I touched her face, I needed to kiss her. She eased up on the stroking as she leaned in, “Don’t stop.” I was begging. She figured out how to stroke and kiss at the same time.

nd now, back to it for me... Any encouragement to stay focused that you might have is always welcome. 


-- Elle

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Such a good writing day

November 17, 2014 04:11AM, 3 comments

I woke up this morning with a game plan, an outline and excited to work on my story!  I always get excited about writing, no matter what it is, fan fic or original stuff.  It is always great to just let my fingers glide over the keys and have the story that is living in my head show up on the computer screen.  

So where am I on  NaNoWriMo?  We are 16 days in, I'm just shy of 37,000 words.  I am feeling great about reaching the 50K goal this year.  If I remember right, I made 9,000 last year before I gave up.  They tell you to do some pre-planning home work in October, they were right.  No, I don't think my story will be complete in 50K words, there seems to be more to it than that for me, but I will have set and achieved this goal and that makes me happy.  

So, I started my 2.2 mile journey from my home to the temporary home of the Lewis family (if you are not up to date... My latest book is set at the Mark Twain House in Hartford CT, though the famed writer is not the star of this book, the Lewis' are.  I am just using Twain's amazing home as my setting.) 

(Can you blame me, look at this place!?!)

So I arrived at the house and there were TV tables set up in the library, the core of the house.  Myself and seven other aspiring writers sat in the home of the great Sam Clemens and by laptop, pencil and paper, or tablet, we took in the ambiance that is the "Loveliest home" and for two hours we wrote.  In silence with nothing more that then gurgling fountain in the adjacent solarium to keep us company.  Oh... it is was chilly.  34 degrees outside and minimal heat inside.  I think it helps keep the brain sharp.

For me it was as much about research as it was about writing.  A huge chunk of my story takes place in that very room, so things I had already penned, I took notes to improve upon.  And things I had missed when I had been there in the past, I made notes.  

I strategically positioned myself today, at the bedroom doorway of my character Sadie, so that I could see what she would as she exited her ornate bedroom into the library that would change her life.  There is a quirkiness about the home to begin with that seems to go hand in hand with the unusual design I have created in my story.  She and Marc have and will share amazing moments in that space and I got to live in breath it.  I even wrote a scene while sitting there of the two of them together.  I could practically see it all being lived out right in front of my eyes.  

Without further ado... an excerpt from today's writing.

Marc rocked a bit, he was intently looking at the corset form that was half draped in material and ideas, but nothing really there yet. “Sade.” He had shortened my name. “Come look at this in the light.” He never looked at me just called me to him. I walked over and offered him his cup of coffee as I looked the form. He took a sip then set the cup on the corner ledge of the bookcase. He ran his hand over the burgundy material and pointed out the fine tone-on-tone pattern that was hard to see in the dim light but now in the middle of the nook shown beautifully.

I joined him, “It’s nice, but it’s expensive fabric.” That wasn’t one of the ones that Richard had sent me home with yesterday, this was out of the pile that Marc had brought down from attic. “I mean, it is just lovely but it seems a waste of money for something no one will see. We should see if there is something…”

“Any man would like to see it.” He had cut me off.

I blinked twice, thinking about what he had just said. “But most men don’t get to see it.”

He walked around the form and looked at me. “A husband would appreciate seeing this on his wife.” He was correcting my way of thinking and he may have been right, but it still seemed silly to me. I could tell he was listening to the house, assessing where everyone was. The ladies were in the kitchen and George had gone outside. He came around again and now he was standing behind me, his body pressed to mine. “If my wife wore this,” he paused and I felt his breath on my neck. “I would enjoy helping her get into it in the morning and taking it off her at night.” I felt his hand on my back, he drew it slowly along my spine. “Especially if it were one that laced up the back here.” He stayed where he was for a while and I took in his words.

Finally he stepped away from me and back to the form. “But if you don’t like it, we can change it. This is your design.” He pulled down the richly colored fabric and exchanged it for something cream colored. He draped it over the form and looked at me.

I walked over to the sketches on the table and I tried to find my original lines under the ones he had traced over. My lines were still there, but his were better, he had a vision of this that surpassed mine. I picked up the burgundy and walked it back to him. “Keep going, I want to see more.”

-- Elle

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Halfway Point update

November 13, 2014 02:11AM, 0 comments

So if the goal is 50,000 words in 30 days, I am a bit ahead of schedule.  On the night of the 12th I made it to 26,000 words.  As I think about this story, I know that the overall will be more than 50K, but that is the goal for this NaNo challenge.  

I am still moving strong, I am starting to get to the steamier stuff and I am feeling great about things.  So I thought I would share another little bit from my story.  In this blurb, Sadie and Marc are alone in the house and his attraction for her can't seem to be quelled. 

“What are you reading?” He came down in his work pants and an undershirt, not dressed for bed or for the day.

I showed him the cover of the book. He nodded. He walked straight to me, more like stalked, the way he strutted into the room, he commanded it sometimes. His long legs ate up the distance to me. I moved over on the daybed and he sat. I pulled the blanket up around my waist as he reached behind and over his shoulder to pulled the book off the corner that he had been reading these past weeks. He didn’t read as often as I did, I pasted him three books for every one he finished. He snuggled against me, his side half leaning into my hip and I adjusted so he could be more comfortable. He opened the book as I moved the oil lamp a bit, making it easier for him. We sat in silence as we read together. It took a while for me to get focused back on the words, my eyes had glanced over to him repeatedly. If Nelson or the community knew that we sat and read this way, I would be shunned for sure. Even Mr. Lewis didn’t know that we did this on occasion.

The phonograph stopped and Marc went over to shut it down for the night and then put another log on the fire. I watched him as he worked his way around the room. He came back to the daybed and sat again, this time further away.

“Something wrong?” I wasn’t sure why he sat so far from me or the light.

Half a smirk had crossed his face. Something was churning in his head.

I put my book down and asked again, “What is it?”

Marc reached above, putting his book back on the shelf behind us. “Just thought a little space would keep me from kissing you.” He did have a way of being direct.

Admittedly, after the night I had already had, I was feeling overly confident and that seemed to have come through at this moment. I shifted a bit his way, “Is there something wrong with the way I kiss?” His eye glimmered in the firelight and his chiseled chin looked a bit harsher due to the shadows in the room. There was no doubt that Marc was an attractive man, I had never missed that about him, and not only had he kissed me last night, but now he wanted to do it again, my stomach was in knots even if my words had come out rather boldly.

He brought his face to mine and stopped short of kissing me. “Is that what you want Sadie?”

I didn’t know how to reply. I had been taught that there was little in the way of what I would want when it came to kissing or a relationship. Nelson had never asked if I wanted to be kissed, he simply did it, when he wanted to as often as he wanted. These were things a woman just did and learned to accept.

“Sadie,” His mouth was so close to mine I could feel his breath on my skin and it made me tingle. “Do you want to kiss?” He hadn’t asked me last night, just snuck up on me while I was crying and made my tears stop with his perfect kisses. I had to close my eyes, we were too close and it was the only thing I could do that would keep me from running scared all of a sudden. I wasn’t afraid of Marc but rather these feelings I seemed to be having.

I had never wanted to kiss someone as much as I did in that moment. I felt his fingers on my chin and I opened my eyes, I nodded my head and then I kissed him. I was the one to move forward, my lips to his as I kissed him fully and passionately and my hands found their way to his shoulders as we kissed. I felt his arms wrap around me and as my mouth opened his tongue slid inside. It felt so natural and better than any kiss I had shared with Nelson. My hair was down tonight and his fingers seemed to tangle into it. He gripped tight and my shameless moaning began again. I had never moaned before Marc.

Thanks for letting me share folks!  Hope you enjoyed.

PS... I will be writing INSIDE the Mark Twain house again this weekend.  In case you missed my entry about my first write-in at the MT house, here you go.  Chapter One

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